About Us

Welcome to ZENO, a brand that celebrates femininity and passion for fashion.

We specialize in creating unique garments that combine style, comfort and sensuality.

ZENO was founded by sports and fashion expert Marika Facondini, with the mission of offering fashionable clothing that is both functional and sexy.

Our mission is to offer all our customers clothing that enhances their beauty and self-confidence without compromising on comfort.

Our collection includes a huge variety of elegant dresses, casual wear and much more. We are constantly updating our catalog to bring new products to our customers.

Each product is carefully designed and manufactured using high-quality materials that promote breathability and freedom of movement.

Thanks to her experience in the fashion industry, Marika Facondini has created a brand characterized by attention to detail and the ability to combine functionality and sensuality.

Her experience and passion have made ZENO a point of reference for all women who want to feel sexy and confident in their free time.

// Join us, be part of ZENO //